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5 Ways To Manage Your Money In Order To Realize Your Dreams

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Rianka Dorsainvil wants to talk about the "B" word: Budget. The 30-year-old entrepreneur and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is on a mission to make financial planning accessible to Millennials. Her fee-for-service only company, Your Greatest Contribution (YGC), offers to help young thriving professionals get their financial households in order. Dorsainvil’s writing and work has been featured in Black Enterprise, CNBC, Financial Advisor, US News & World Report, Women’s Health, and many other publications.

Advocating for financial literacy and helping people of her generation to achieve their financial goals is, Dorsainvil says, her life purpose. She started her virtual planning firm in 2015 to better reach Millennials as they are just getting started in their financial lives.

“Traditional financial planning firms do not take on clients with little to no investable assets, leaving a wealth of thriving young professionals in need,” Dorsainvil explains. “This is my way to make a difference. I am able to impact young people today, and that’s going to have a ripple effect for the rest of their lives. Moreover, what they learn in conversations with me will permeate through their families and social spheres.”


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