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How to know if you need a financial advisor

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Investment appsglossy booksrobotsblogs and more blogs — the number of places to pick up financial advice have never been greater. Is there ever a need to consult a person with a pulse anymore?

Most financial experts agree, yes (and no, not just advisors).

"You have to go to a person to get a complete picture of your financial condition," said Mercer Bullard, a professor at the University of Mississippi School of Law, who specializes in securities.


Here are some reasons why you'd want to see a financial advisor.

During personal changes in your life

Getting engaged, married or having a baby are all times when you might want to start seeing a financial advisor. Even if those milestones appear on the horizon, it’s time to start having conversations about money, said certified financial planner Zaneilia Harris, president of Harris and Harris Wealth Management.


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