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Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur

How do you transition from earning a consistent income to building a business and replacing your paycheck from corporate America? Sara*, a YGC client, knew this struggle all too well.

After working several years at a prestigious consulting firm, Sara decided it was time to strike out on her own. She knew she had a good nest egg built up, but wasn’t sure how to financially move from salaried consultant to launching her own unique consulting brand. That’s when she called YGC.

We helped Sara get her financial house in order, which is critical when building a strong foundation for your business. While Sara’s consulting business grows, she’ll be able to stop focusing on how she’ll make ends meet, and start pouring all of her extra energy in providing exceptional services to her clients.

Does this sound like you? Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is complicated - but YGC can help you take the financial leap and find success. Contact us today to learn more.

First-Generation Wealth Builder

In many families, money isn’t something that is talked about. I know this story all too well, and so does Danielle Jones and her husband, James*. Danielle is a professor at a private university, and James is a successful attorney.

Although neither of them wanted for anything growing up, they can’t remember either set of parents talking about family finances with them as kids. At some point in each of their lives, they began to associate money with tension, and they knew that their hard-working parents were always pushing themselves to provide.

Now, Danielle and James are out-earning their parents, even though they’re only in their early thirties. They’re taking on the role of “breadwinner” - wanting to care for their own financial futures while providing for their future children and their parents.

Sound familiar? 70% of families lose wealth by the second generation - you don’t have to be part of that statistic. With thoughtful financial guidance that’s tailored to your unique goals and lifestyle, YGC can help you create the cycle of generational wealth.

Thriving Professional

Life can put a lot of demands on your time and money. As your career blossoms, you may be finding that your increase in wealth has come with more decisions. Jordan*, a thriving software development engineer, was feeling overwhelmed by the financial decisions she was facing. Her career has been steadily growing for the past several years, but it feels as though retirement planning, tax concerns, and setting other financial goals happened overnight.

Jordan partnered with YGC to help cut through the jargon, narrow down her financial options, and make the best decisions for both her and her family. She’s loving that her finances are no longer a point of stress in her day-to-day, and we’re loving that her comprehensive financial plan addresses both her short and long term goals to find success and fulfillment.

Is this you? We’d love to talk about how to reduce your financial overwhelm with a customized financial plan so you can enjoy your wealth without worrying about the future.

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